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5 easy to use Serveware for Your Kitchen

What’s the best way to catch up with that, “It’s been so long, how are you?” conversation with your long lost friends or family members? Maybe going out with them or meeting them at a cafe or a restaurant?But nothing beats the joy and comfort of having a hearty conversation with your loved ones over a delightful get-together at home! Catching up with some warm ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s over a refreshing glass of chilled shikanji and sharing each other's food preferences while you’ve already claimed your chairs on the dining table, it’s now time to devour a scrumptious meal. Eating together at the comfort and cosiness of the home, is an absolutely blissful experience, isn’t it?

If you are looking for the answer to “how do I serve my guests in the best possible way to make them feel at home?”, the answer is - “don’t worry, it’s just a matter of 5 minutes until you read through this entire blog and understand how to choose the perfect serveware for your upcoming soiree at home”. Choosing the best serveware pieces will not only make your dinner or lunch spread look magnificent and exquisite, but will also exude a warm and welcoming ambience as you start gushing about the good old memories with them. 

From tray sets for your welcome drink to the serving platters for the succulent appetisers, here are top 5 easy to use serveware items for your next get-together that will leave your guests feeling enchanted!

  • Serving Trays
  • As soon as your guests arrive home, you’ll need a captivating tray. A good tray to serve a welcome drink can make a lasting first impression! The design you pick speaks volume of your taste. They could be in solid colours with a matte or a glossy finish or could have floral, mandala or mosaic patterns on it. Pick something that represents you, that way your guests can easily associate it with your warm personality and feel at ease. Make sure the trays are strong enough to hold the weight of your drinks and delectables.

  • Partitioned Serving Platters
  • Once you’re done serving your guests with your lip-smacking welcome drinks, it’s now time to savour delicious appetisers as you continue laughing and chatting. The easiest way to systematically serve your delicacies like kebabs, pakoras or potato nuggets along with tantalising homemade dips is to serve them in a partitioned serveware platter. This way you don’t have to worry about having a dining table that is cluttered with too many bowls and serving plates and worrying about spilling your food. So, step two is to get your hands on a multi-purpose and multi-partitioned serveware platter.

    5 Part Skillet Matte Set by Servewell
  • Serving Platters without partitions
  • This piece of serveware will change your party hosting game when it comes to serving food items like cake, muffins, samosas, namkeen or cookies. These platters can be simply just placed on your coffee table or dining table for your guests to savour delectables  as you’re busy setting up for the next course of the meal.  A platter without partitions provides a large surface area to hold a substantial amount of food and this is particularly useful when serving a family-style meal where dishes are passed around the table. These platters could be either in ceramic or melamine. Choose the one which fits your lifestyle seamlessly.
    3 Piece Swiss Platter Set by Servewell
  • Serving Dish
  • What’s a house party without a pizza? It will definitely add to the playful ambience of your get-together as the smoky aroma of it fills up the room. Now for serving your home-made pizza or pancakes depending on your liking and preference, you will need a round serving dish preferably with a handle to serve your delicacies right off the pan.

    Matte Serving Dish with handle by Servewell
  • Serving Bowls
  • Now, to nestle your delightful curries and soups, you will need good quality serving bowls which are sturdy and visually appealing. You can look at placing eye-catching bowls in striking colours and patterns. Serving your delightful food-items in these bowls will add a charming finesse to your table. Sounds just perfect right? Who doesn’t like eating from pretty looking bowls anyways?

    2 Piece Hammered Square Matte Bowl Set by Servewell

    Now that you know exactly what type of serveware to choose to greet your guests with extra warmth and care, you’re now ready to host a sumptuous get-together! Explore a wide range of variety on our website (www.servewell.co.in) and become a pro when it comes to hosting unforgettable house parties!

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