stainless steel bottles from ServeWell that every kid must have.

5 Stainless Steel bottles every kid must have this summer

As the summer heat waves roll in, keeping your kids hydrated becomes more important than ever. Water is essential for their health, energy, and overall well-being, especially during the active summer months. While there are countless options for water bottles out there, stainless steel bottles stand out for their durability, safety, and ability to keep drinks cooler for longer. This summer, make sure your kids are equipped with the best - here are five stainless steel bottles from ServeWell that every kid must have.

As summer approaches, the need to keep our little ones hydrated becomes paramount. With the sun beating down, playgrounds heating up, and outdoor activities in full swing, ensuring that kids have access to refreshing, cool water throughout the day is essential for their health and well-being. But not just any water bottle will do. We need something durable, safe, and capable of keeping water cold for hours. Enter stainless steel water bottles - the perfect solution for kids on the go this summer.

1. Indus Vacuum Bottles - Black:

The sleek black Indus Vacuum Bottle is more than simply a chic child's accessory. Your child's drink will stay cold for hours thanks to its vacuum-insulated walls, giving them cool sips for all their summertime activities. Its sturdy stainless steel design makes it resistant to children's rough-and-tumble play, making it a trustworthy partner for any outdoor activity. In addition to adding a sophisticated touch, the black finish also serves to conceal any blemishes, prolonging the bottle's appearance.

Indus Vacuum Bottles - Black

2. Indus SS Vacuum Bottle 1000 ml - Yoga White: 

Yoga White 1000 ml Indus SS Vacuum Bottle is a great option for kids who need a little extra hydration. They will always have enough water thanks to its enormous capacity and the vacuum insulation that keeps their water pleasantly cold. Their hydration practice is given a tranquil touch by the serene Yoga White design with delicate graphics, which also motivates them to drink more water. You won't have to worry about spills on car seats or in backpacks thanks to its leak-proof design.

Indus SS Vacuum Bottle 1000 ml - Yoga White

3. Osaka SS Single Wall Bottles - Orange:

The vivid orange Osaka SS Single Wall Bottle is all about style and practicality. The bright orange colour makes it stand out and makes it more difficult for youngsters to lose, and the single-wall design makes it lightweight and easy for children to carry. This bottle works well for playdates, quick vacations, and as a water bottle at school. Its stainless steel structure ensures that your child will have safe drinking water because it is devoid of dangerous substances.

Osaka SS Single Wall Bottles Orange

4. Indus Vacuum Bottle 750 ml - Trolls:

The Indus Vacuum Bottle with a Trolls theme will add some excitement to your water intake. Kids are going to appreciate this bottle because of its fun design, which features their favourite Trolls characters. No matter how hot it gets outdoors, their beverages will always stay cool thanks to the vacuum insulation and 750 ml capacity, which is perfect for daily hydration needs. With this bottle, youngsters may enjoy staying hydrated while still having fun.

5. Osaka Single Wall Bottle 675 ml - Minions:

For any young lover of the mischievous creatures, the Osaka Single Wall Bottle with a Minions design is an essential purchase. Kids will find the 675 ml size ideal as it offers ample water without being excessively bulky. Your child will love the cute Minions images, and the bottle's single-wall design keeps it lightweight. This ServeWell bottle is made of premium stainless steel, just like all of the others, guaranteeing durability and clean drinking water.

Osaka Single Wall Bottle 675 ml - Minions

Why Servewell’s stainless steel bottles you ask? Here’s why. 

They are incredibly durable, meaning they can withstand drops and knocks without breaking. They're also safer than plastic bottles, which can contain harmful chemicals like BPA. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to bacteria and doesn't retain flavors, ensuring your child's water tastes fresh every time. Plus, the insulation properties of these bottles mean that drinks stay cool for hours, providing much-needed refreshment during the hot summer days.

Equip your child with one of these top-notch stainless steel bottles from Servewell this summer. Not only will they stay hydrated and healthy, but they'll also have a stylish and fun accessory that reflects their personality. Whether at summer camp, on a family outing, or just playing in the backyard, these bottles are sure to be a hit with your kids.

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