5 ways to spruce up your evening

5 ways to spruce up your evening get-together

So the weekend is right around the corner and you wish to have that long anticipated “Hello, how have you been?” conversation with the people who you cherish the most, right? But, between you spending a gala time with your loved ones and a table adorned with exquisite plates and bowls, lies one daunting question, “Where to host the get-together?” Even though cafes and restaurants offer a pleasing ambience and a phenomenal service, there’s nothing as hearty and comfy as hosting your loved ones a sumptuous spread at the comfort of your home. Isn’t it?

 As one of  the greatest poets of all time once said,

“A warm, rainy day - this is how it feels when friends get together. Friend refreshes friend then, as flowers do each other, in a spring rain.”  - Rumi

Hosting a house party for your special ones is always exciting! So before you sway away into all the memories, laughter and banter with your people, let’s get into the big and small preparations for your epic get-together. Are you ready? If you take care of just these 5 things, your guests will not only leave your abode with a smile on their face but will keep giving you compliments for months! Let’s get started!

1. Serve your welcome drinks and water in vibrant trays

Now that your home is ready and your guests can arrive any moment, you need to pull out the best trays in your kitchen with joyful little details. Using vibrant trays to serve your guests with some chilled water or refreshing beverages the moment they step inside your home will make them feel welcomed. Not to forget, it will also reflect your sense of hospitality in the eyes of your guests. Pro Tip: Use medium sized and delicate trays to serve your beverages and larger and sturdy ones to serve the food items right off the pan.

2. Setting up the mood of the get-together

While delightful home-made meals and beverages are the heart and soul of every get-together, the aura and the ambience of your home makes all the difference. Let your guests eat with a smile on their face and appreciation in their eyes. You might want to place some elegant trinket-like trays at your centre table and at the corner piece next to your sofa, so that your guests can safely keep their belongings like keys and sunglasses in them. You can also place a tray on your coffee table along with peppy storage jars filled with crunchy almond biscuits, banana chips, cheesy popcorn or even the delightful meethi papdi. Also keep some dainty coasters handy because you don’t want to stain your final table runners or your spotless coffee table! Top it off by adding some rejuvenating scented candles and mood lighting to add an extravagant-yet-elegant finesse.

3. Create a cosy seating arrangement in your balcony



Once your guests have settled in and are comfortable, you can move the fun banter from the living room to a more open space, like your balcony. Throw some comfy pillows and place a gorgeous serving platter filled with pakoras or cutlets as per your liking on the table. Because truck loads of chit-chat and the trip down the memory lanes are incomplete without having something to munch on while holding your laughter. Pair your crisp munchies with hot cups of kulhad chai. 

Piping hot chai served in kulhad cups

4. Setting up the tablescape

Now that you will be all nostalgic and hungry, it’s time to move to the dining table. To set your dinner table with all things elegant and colourful, start by placing your opulent dinnerware pieces for serving your mouth watering and piping hot delicacies. 

Keep a couple of serving platters with and without partitions for serving your appetisers or bread. Use lively serving bowls to serve your curries or rice. Choose delicate cutlery that matches the look and feel of your dinnerware. And don’t forget to add lustrous accessories like a small vase with fresh blooms in the centre of the table. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Dinnerware and cutlery arrangement for your get-together set-up

5. Make some delightful dessert arrangements

Any good meal is incomplete without desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can keep it easy-breezy with home-made sheera, ice-cream, brownies, cake, gulab jamun or to serve your guests. We know for a fact that kids or even all of us can get a little too excited when it comes to dessert, it’s always a great idea to use melamine serving bowls to avoid breaking your serveware. You can choose from a range of versatile serving bowls in various shapes and sizes.
Macaroons served in serving bowls
Ta-daa, your home is now party ready! Whether it's a get-together of 5, or an entertaining troop of 12 people, these 5 tips will make you the most gracious host your friends know!
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