Best ways to store fresh foods during the monsoon season

Best ways to store fresh foods during the monsoon season

Picture this scenario, it’s drizzling outside and you’re craving for a crisp snack, perhaps a cookie or some namkeen to enjoy with your sizzling cup of chai. As you go rummaging through your kitchen cabinets to find your cookie jar, your eyes twinkle with happiness the moment you find it! But as soon as you take your first bite, you realise that the cookies and the namkeen have become soggy and have lost their appeal. But fear not! In this simple yet descriptive blog, we're here to rescue your taste buds and ensure that your favourite snacks and munchies remain fresh even during the monsoon season. Get ready to find out how to combat the challenges posed by the monsoon season and discover the secrets to keeping your fruits and vegetables at their peak, ready to delight your senses. So, grab an umbrella and let's dive into the world of smart food storage!

> Using Airtight Containers:

Using Air-tight containers to store food in the refrigerator

Imagine having superheroes in your kitchen, protecting your food from the clutches of moisture! Meet airtight containers, the invisible shields that will keep your beloved snacks and munchies safe. With a simple click or twist, they lock in flavours and textures, saving your food from becoming soggy. These air-tight containers will not only defend your food but also rescue your refrigerator from mysterious odours. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and embrace a refreshing atmosphere whenever you open the fridge. You can also use these stackable containers to store your food in the refrigerator. 

> Segregating your food while storing it in the refrigerator

Keep your food items separately in the refrigerator by storing them in airtight containers

Imagine your refrigerator as a well-organised pantry. Just like you'd keep your spices separate from your grains, designate specific areas for different food groups. Keep fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in their respective zones. This way, you won't accidentally stumble upon mushy tomatoes when searching for that last slice of cheese! You can make use of air-tight containers here as well. 

> Wrapping food items with a plastic sheet:

Covering your food with a plastic sheet will keep it fresh for longer hours

Whether it's a bowl of chopped fruits or last night's leftovers kept in a serving bowl, use a plastic wrap or aluminium foil to securely embrace them. This protective layer not only keeps them fresh but also preserves their nutritional value, like a magic shield against spoilage. Similarly, you can store your leafy veggies by wrapping them in damp paper towels or placing them in breathable plastic bags, ensuring they stay crisp and vibrant, ready to elevate your salads and dishes!

> Storing your dry-fruits and namkeen in storage jars

Preserve the crispness of your food with storage jars by Servewell

Keep your dry fruits and namkeen irresistibly fresh by storing them in stylish storage jars. These jars not only lock in the crunch and flavour but also shield your snacks from moisture and humidity. Say goodbye to stale treats and enjoy every bite bursting with vibrant taste and texture. With easy access and eye-catching designs, these jars make snacking hassle-free and adds a touch of organisation to your kitchen.
> Covering your food with a lid
Lid up, and your food will stay fresh for longer
When you serve your pasta or salad in serving bowls, always remember to cover them with a lid. By doing so, you create a protective shield against air, moisture, and unwanted odours. This barrier keeps your food from drying out or absorbing unwanted smells from the surroundings. It's like giving your meals their own cosy sanctuary, preserving their delicious essence until you're ready to indulge!

Now that you know all the techniques to store your food effortlessly, are you ready to embark on a delicious adventure, rain or shine? With these simple storage techniques, you can keep your snacks fresh and delightful during the monsoon season. Imagine the joy of biting into a crispy namkeen or enjoying a perfectly preserved cookie while raindrops tap on your windowpane. It's these small pleasures that make life so special.

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