Bhutta makes for the perfect snack during monsoon

Enjoy monsoon indoors with your family: 5 must haves

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see it's drizzling outside and you're at home? Umm..let us guess, a chatpata bhutta or piping hot kulhad wali chai right? Spending quality time with your family while munching on your favourite hot snacks over hearty conversations and laughter is the best way to enjoy the cosy monsoon weather! Monsoon offers the ideal setting for making new memories with your loved ones, whether it's over a warm bowl of soup or while you are sipping on hot coffee when reading your favourite book. In this blog, we bring you five staples that will make your monsoon mood go from “Why is it raining so much?” to “Yayyy, it's raining!” Get ready to take the  playfulness a notch higher this season with these must-haves.

> Soupy Noodle Bowls

Ever experienced that feeling when you take that first bite of your slurpy and comforting soupy noodles as you hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops on your windows? It’s the most comforting feeling in the world, almost zen-like right? Give your guests a chance to experience the same by serving your soup in captivating bowls, they will make your indoor monsoon meals extra special.

> Kulhads for that aaah-wali Chai

We think the rainy season should officially be declared as the chai season! Because we can’t think of rain without thinking about tea, can you?  And what better than Kulhad cups to enjoy it in? It reminds us of the times when they were a norm on long distance trains, the earthy smell made the experience a whole lot better. Servewell Kulhad cups are made of melamine and come in multiple colours. Plus, they are easy to hold and carry on your trips!

> Trays

The trays that you use for serving your guests, reflects your sense of hospitality, so having a couple of sturdy and durable trays in your kitchen is very important. So, whether you’re hosting a brunch on a rainy Sunday or calling your friends over for breakfast at home, trays are a must-have to serve unlimited food! Choose a tray that complements your dining space and is large enough to hold cups, plates, and bowls. You should select stylish trays that come equipped with handles for easy handling.

> Mixing Bowls for Bhel or Chocolate Brownies

The rainy season is the perfect time to indulge in baking or cooking heartwarming delights that will delight your taste buds and warm your soul! And guess what? Our set of mixing bowls are here to be your trusty companions, ensuring that your culinary journey is smooth and hassle-free! And if you are in a mood for some bhel at home, they come in extra-handy to mix every ingredient for that chatpata time.

> Fresh Food Containers

It's crucial to have food containers because the monsoon brings with itself a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, keeping your produce fresh and easily accessible. Our fresh food containers are not just practical during the monsoon season but can be used all year round. Beyond enjoying the seasonal delights, these stackable and transparent jars provide a host of benefits that will make organising your kitchen a breeze! 

From elegant soup bowls, classic kulhad cups, useful trays, adaptable mixing bowls, and attractive serve and storage jars, we’ve got it all! Embrace the monsoon with your loved ones and transform your dining area into a warm haven full of joy and delicious treats with these kitchen staples. Which one is your favourite?

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