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Someone once said, cooking is love made visible. Valentine’s day is dedicated to love and romance, and what better way to celebrate it than by setting up a beautiful dinner table for your loved one at home? And besides, who wants to be around other people while sharing some of the most precious moments with your special someone? So sit back and enjoy a cozy affair at the comfort of your house while cooking and decorating your dinner table together.

Creating the perfect ambiance is key to making the day unforgettable. Whether you’re planning to go for an Indian menu or Continental, setting up the table is as important as the Valentine’s Day ambience. They say when a guest sits down there should be something beautiful and inspiring to look at. Which is why now we are going to take you through all the nitty-gritties of setting up a romantic table for two where you can spend a cushy evening that is brimming with love and bliss.

Here is a step wise guide to get you started:

1. Back-drop and decoration

The back-drop of your Valentine’s Day table could be simple yet super chic and elegant with some origami hearts placed with a love note. You can also place some napkins on the table and fold them in a heart shape. Fairy lights can also add to the charm of your romantic table set-up. Valentine’s Day set-up is totally incomplete without the fragrance of the scented candles lingering on the table right? 

So place some nice candles on the corners of the table with your favourite aroma. Also not to forget, Valentine’s Day is incomplete without roses. Right? So go ahead, place some red roses or rose petals on some corners of your dinner table for an added effect.

Candles for romantic dinner table

2. Setting up the Serveware

One of the most important aspects of setting up a romantic dinner table is the serveware that is being used on the table. Serve your starters, main-course, and munchies in serveware that looks versatile and elegant on the table. Keep your serveware minimal or vibrant depending on the rest of your Dinnerware and cutlery.

Serveware: Handle Platter Set 3 pc - White

> 1st course: Warm conversations over a warm bowl of soup

Your homemade food will add to the warmth of the overall ambience of your dining table set-up. Most people like to start their meals with either piping hot soups or crunchy salads. While setting up the bowls for the first course of the meal, remember to match the colour scheme of the bowls with the rest of your romantic Valentine’s Day table setting. Serve your sizzling hot Tomato soup that is cooked to perfection in Soup bowls and place the bowls on top of the plates. Don’t forget to keep a spoon and fork on each side of the plate. You can use red or pink coloured bowls to match the Valentine’s Day setting.

> 2nd Course: Starters are the best conversation starters

While having hearty conversations with your special someone on this day, you will need some starters to nibble on. To make the best out of this romantic culinary experience, use serveware with partitions to serve your crackles or nachos with an easy dip that you can make at home. You can serve starters like Paneer Tikka, Veg 65, or Soyabean Chilly which are not only easy to make but are very delicious. you can use a combination of side plates and buffet plates depending upon the kind of starters that you are planning to serve. For example, side plates would be perfect for your heart  shaped kebabs, and the buffet plates can contain different types of cheese, or snacks combined together.

serving board with handle

Choose side plates in a colour scheme that matches your Valentine's Day theme, such as Red, Pink, and White, Pastels or with floral patterns for a classic romantic look. Combine different sizes and shapes of plates for an eclectic and eye-catching display. You can also layer plates of different sizes on top of each other for added dimension and texture. Use accents such as rose petals,  or small flowers to add a zing of sweet romance to your plating arrangements. 

> 3rd course: A trip down the memory lane over main course

Have a heartfelt conversation while talking about your best memories together over a plate of Paneer Makhani or a scrumptious home-made Biryani. As your hand cooked delectables are ready to be served, to further make the table setting even more romantic, place the casserole dishes in the centre of the table, either directly on the table-cloth or place mats to protect the table and keep the dishes warm. Serve your Paranthas, Rotis or even Pasta and Starters from the casserole. Add a dash of some Valentine’s Day magic to the table by sticking cute notes for your partner on the lid of the casseroles.

Serving Bowl Set: Badami

> 4th course : Dessert 

Your romantic dinner date with your significant other will be incomplete without some desserts. Indulge in a sweet conversation over the 4th course of the meal. Whether you’re planning to serve an Ice-cream, Brownie, or a Tiramisu, you will need some pretty  bowls to serve them. You can place them adjacent to the dinner plates on the table. Also, don’t forget the spoons!

In a nutshell, setting up a romantic Valentine's Day dinner table can be a very special and a thoughtful way to show your love and affection for your significant other.  Whether you choose to have a three course or a five course meal, decorating your dinner table for this special day with special dinnerware and serveware plays a very important part. Remember to be thoughtful, intentional, and creative when setting up your table, and you will be sure to create an unforgettable dining experience for your loved one on this special day.

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