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31pc Dinner Set: Crater

31pc Dinner Set: Crater

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Bring mysticism and magic to your dining area with Servewell’s unique 31 Piece Crater Dinner-set. With a one-of-its-kind design and a moon-like texture on the exterior, it comes with everything you need from dinner plates, side plates, bowls, katoris, casserole with a lid, to Serving spoons and Oval serving platter for a fuss-free and easy serving experience!

What does the set contain?

Servewell’s commitment to quality and quantity makes sure that your dinnerware set is complete with all the requirements you may need to make your house a home! This set includes - 

  • Construction Dinner Plate Set 6 pc Persian Rnd D 26.7 cm x H 2.7 cm  
  • Construction Small Plate Set 6 pc Persian Rnd 18.3 cm x H 2 cm 
  • Construction Veg Bowl Set 6 pc Persian Rnd D 10.5 cm x H 5 cm 
  • Construction Katori Set 6 pc Persian Rnd D 9.5 cm x H 4.5 cm 
  • Construction Serving Bowl with Lid Set 2 + 2 pc Persian Rnd D 20.8 cm x H 7.4 cm 
  • Construction Serving Spoon Trendy 2 pc Persian Matt L 24 cm 
  • Construction Serving Platter Persian Rnd D 31.5 cm x H 2.4 cm          

What sets our collection apart?

Built high and above industry standards, Servewell dinnerware is constructed from 100% food grade melamine, which is non-toxic, dishwasher safe and tough as nails! 

How to use our dinnerware?

Our dinnerware is safe to wash by hand or in Dishwasher. While no special care is required to use the dinnerware set, please remember that:

  • Non Abrasive scouring pads with a non-abrasive cleaner should be used to clean
  • Our products are heat resistant up to a temperature of 140° C
  • The dinnerware is not microwave safe
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