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Plant Lover Mom

Plant Lover Mom

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Are you looking for a special gift for your mother this Mother's Day? Look no further than our #MaAiByServewell dinner plates. These plates are not just any ordinary plates. They come with a special feature that will make your mother's life easier.

A thoughtful and innovative gift that beautifies your dining space while arming your mother with vital digital skills. Our limited release dinner plates include a QR code that, upon scanning, unlocks an assortment of quick, 2-minute audiograms on our special "Aaj Kuch Naya Parostey Hain" YouTube playlist. This expertly curated collection of tutorials is tailored to guide your mother through a range of digital tasks and platforms, helping her remain in touch and self-reliant in today's digital landscape.


  • 1 pc Rnd 19 cm - D 19 cm x H 1.5 cm


  • 100% Food Grade Melamine                                       
  • Non Toxic & Hygienic
  • DishWasher Safe
  • Break Resistant & Durable

How to care:

  • Hand Wash & Dishwasher Safe 
  • Use non abrasive scouring pads with non abrasive cleanser
  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C.                                     
  • Not Microwave Safe


  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C 
  • Not Microwave Safe
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