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Servewell Serving Platter Thali 28 cm - Dots Green

Servewell Serving Platter Thali 28 cm - Dots Green

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Prepare to impress your guests and create unforgettable memories infused with an essence of joy and laughter with Servewell Serving Platter Thali in a beautiful dotted pattern. Crafted with precision, this serving platter features a mesmerising green colour adorned with delightful dots. It instantly adds a touch of charm and sophistication to your table setting, creating a warm dining set-up. 

With a generous diameter of 28 cm, this platter provides ample space to present a variety of dishes, from sumptuous main courses to delightful appetisers and more. It becomes the canvas on which you can arrange and display your culinary creations, enticing everyone to indulge in the visual and gastronomic feast. Made from 100% food grade melamine, this serving platter is designed for durability and reliability. It can withstand the demands of serving, ensuring that it remains a timeless piece in your collection, making it suitable for both everyday meals and special occasions.

Item In Set with L/W/H Or Dia / Height in Cm

Serving Platter Thali L 28 cm x W 14 cm x H 3 cm


  • 100% Food Grade Melamine Non Toxic & Hygienic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Break Resistant & Durable

Use and Care:

  • Hand Wash & Dishwasher Safe
  • Use non abrasive scouring pads with non abrasive cleanser
  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C. Not Microwave Safe
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