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3 pc Rect 5Plate Fork & Spoon Set - Jurassic World

3 pc Rect 5Plate Fork & Spoon Set - Jurassic World

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Embark on a prehistoric dining adventure with the Jurassic World 5 Part Plate and Fork & Spoon Set, a must-have addition for parents and kids that will transport your mealtimes to a land of ancient wonder. Uniting practicality, creativity, and the awe-inspiring world of Jurassic World, this set is the ultimate choice for both parents and young explorers.

Featuring a 5-partition plate and a dynamic duo of a kids' fork and spoon, each measuring 16 cm in length, this set is carefully crafted to accommodate small hands and make dining a breeze. The star of the show is the ingenious 5 partition plate, sized at L 31 x W 23 cm x H 2.3 cm, which transforms mealtime into a thrilling excavation. Adorned with captivating Jurassic World illustrations, the plate takes diners on a journey alongside their favorite dinosaurs, igniting their imagination with every bite.

Jurassic World enthusiasts will be captivated by the lifelike imagery of T-Rex, Velociraptors, and other iconic creatures, creating a sense of wonder and curiosity at the table. The partitions aren't just for aesthetics; they keep food items separated, ensuring a harmonious dining experience that even picky eaters will adore.

Parents will appreciate the durability and functionality of the Jurassic World 5 Part Plate and Fork & Spoon Set. Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, this set guarantees safety and longevity, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen. The ergonomically designed kids' fork and spoon empower little ones to feed themselves independently, nurturing their motor skills and self-confidence.

From home meals to outdoor adventures, this Jurassic World-themed dining set bridges the gap between nutrition and imagination. Transport your family to a land of dinosaurs while enjoying the convenience of a thoughtfully designed dining ensemble. Make each bite a step back in time - order now and bring the Jurassic era to your table!

What the set contains:

  • 1 pc 5 Partition Plate L 31 x W 23 cm x H 2.3 cm
  • 1 pc Kids Fork and Spoon L 16 cm


  • 100% Food Grade Melamine Non Toxic & Hygienic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Break Resistant & Durable


  • Hand Wash & Dishwasher Safe
  • Use non abrasive scouring pads with non abrasive cleanser
  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C. Not Microwave Safe
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