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6 pc Side Plate Set Dome 19 cm - Stardust

6 pc Side Plate Set Dome 19 cm - Stardust

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Unveil the magic of Indian cuisine with our Side Plate Set 6 pc, each plate measuring a convenient 19 cm, graced with the enchanting Stardust design. These plates aren't just tableware; they're a gateway to the celestial flavours of India. Imagine presenting your favourite masala dosas, fluffy idlis, or delectable samosas on these plates, and let the Stardust Side Plate Set elevate your dining experience. With every meal, you're not just savouring food; you're embarking on a journey through Indian culinary traditions, where every bite is a sprinkle of stardust. Welcome the celestial charm of Indian kitchens into your home, and let your dining table become the stage for a gastronomic adventure filled with flavour, tradition, and starry-eyed moments.

Item in the set:

Side Plate Set 6 pc 19 cm - Stardust


  • 100% Food Grade Melamine 
  • Non Toxic & Hygienic 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Break Resistant & Durable

Use and Care:

  • Hand Wash & Dishwasher Safe
  • Use non abrasive scouring pads with non abrasive cleanser
  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C. Not Microwave Safe
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