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Camper SS Vacuum Bottle 500 ml - Minions Yellow Daisy

Camper SS Vacuum Bottle 500 ml - Minions Yellow Daisy

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Get ready to brighten up your hydration game with the cheery Camper Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle 500 ml, featuring the adorable Minions Yellow Daisy design. 

Imagine your drinks staying as crisp as that very first sip, wrapped in the delightful Minions vibe. The Camper Bottle brings you the perfect combo of quality and cuteness, making every sip a mini-celebration.

Worried about leaks and rust? No need! The Camper Bottle's clever design keeps leaks at bay, and its rust-resistant power keeps it looking fab. Now, let's talk about temperature. Whether you're relishing a cozy warm drink on a breezy day or sipping a cool delight under the sun, the Camper Bottle is your temp buddy. It keeps things just right, adding an extra touch of chill to every gulp. 

Taking care of your new buddy is a breeze: Keep the lid secure when you tilt it, steer clear of microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers. Handle with care, rinse it with warmth, and a soft bottle brush is perfect for keeping it sparkling inside. Ready to add some sunshine to your sips? The Camper Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle 500 ml - Minions Yellow Daisy is your ticket to sips of pure happiness. Sip, smile, and radiate positivity!

By choosing the Camper Bottle, you're not only boosting your hydration – you're also giving a high-five to our planet.  Also available in Minions Snow White and Minions Deep Blue designs.

What it contains: 1 pc Camper - SS Vacuum Bottle 500 ml - Minions Yellow Daisy


  • Superior Quality Stainless Steel 
  • Food Safe 
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • BPA Free 
  • Refrigerator Safe 
  • Rust & Leak proof

Use & Care:

  • Do not open the lid when the product is tilted 
  • Do not use in microwave, oven, freezer or dishwasher 
  • No excessive pull / knock on the product, it may cause damage 
  • Rinse well with clean warm water 
  • Do not use bleach, chlorine, abrasive and / or other harsh chemicals to clean product
  • Use soft bottle brush for cleaning the inside
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