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Tray Set Old Enough Set 2 pc - Charlie

Tray Set Old Enough Set 2 pc - Charlie

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Charlie Chaplin once said, “Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it needs is courage, imagination..and a little dough.” and what better way to reflect on his heartfelt lines every time you take a bite of your delightful meals? Crafted with love and attention to detail, these trays are designed to bring back memories of a bygone era, when life was simpler and full of wonder. But these trays are more than just a playful addition to your home decor - they represent the timeless values of courage, imagination, and a little bit of dough that Charlie Chaplin so famously embodied. Go ahead, serve your delectables in it and these trays are sure to spark joy and conversation at any get-together!

The set contains:

  • Persian Tray Medium Old Enough L 29 cm x W 21.5 cm x H 2 cm
  • Persian Tray Large Old Enough L 36 cm x W 25.5 cm x H 2.3 cm

Main features:

  • 100% Food Grade Melamine 
  • Non Toxic & Hygienic
  • DishWasher Safe
  • Break Resistant & Durable

Use & Care:

  • Hand Wash & Dishwasher Safe
  • Use non-abrasive scouring pads with non-abrasive cleanser
  • Heat Resistant up to temperature of 140°C.
  • Not Microwave Safe
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